Connecting Students with Mentors for Projects

Thousands of internships are canceled due to COVID-19. Join us in giving opportunities back to students. 

Become a Mentor

Have a project you've always wanted to work on? Want to help a student whose summer plans were halted by COVID-19? Define and mentor a project in your area of expertise. You only need a 3-4 hours a week* and no extra cost to jumpstart a student's career in tech. You can also define a DIY project if you don't have time or mentor a project from a pre-defined project pool.

Join as a Student

Continue to expand your experience and build your portfolio during COVID-19! While an Airbnb internship is off the table, we will help connect you with volunteering mentors from companies like Airbnb and open source organizations to work on real-world projects. 

Support as an Organization

If your organization's plans for hiring interns were affected by COVID-19, reach out to us! We will connect you with talented students who are looking for opportunities. 


Have questions or feedback? Interested in working with us?  Email us at