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A travel itinerary planner app

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Bindhya Sathyapal




Software Test Engineer, Mobile

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Building a travel itinerary once you are within the city is a tedious task. One has to research what are the places of attraction, when are they open, what is the best time of the day to visit, how I should get there, what should be the order of places to visit, what should be my travel itinerary if I want to visit all the places, what should be my travel itinerary if I want to have a chilled-out trip, etc etc. The list goes on and on. Even though most of this information is available on the internet, its scattered, unreliable, and very subjective. On top finding the best order to follow is still very difficult as you don't know the place and have to rely entirely on your instincts.

The idea is to build an all-encompassing travel itinerary planner app. The app will take a few users' inputs - how many days they are in the city, what are there travel interests (adventure, architecture, food, shopping, etc), do they want to a chilled-out or visit as many places as possible kind of trip and few other things. Based on these user inputs, we should be able to give the user a travel itinerary which minimizes travel time, tries to include as many user inputs as possible, and is easy to follow with a turn by turn navigation. I worked on this project with a few other friends in college but it fell through as Google launched Trips around the exact same time which does similar things apart from other reasons. For multiple reasons, Google trips did not pick up. But the idea still has a lot of potential.

To get started the TripAdvisor, Foursquare, and Google's open to the public dataset can be used to build this. One can start with building a web application and then create a mobile application or vice versa. This is a great idea for someone in college to work on (even better in a group of 3-4). If you are able to build an initial prototype and want to take this forward, reach out to me on

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