Project Name

An hyperlocal e-commerce

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Andrea Fassina




Chief Software Architect

Project Description

Buying goods from overseas is easier than ever, thanks to the internet. With a single click you can buy a nail from China and saving 1 cent good, isn't it??
But wait, try to think about the real cost of that click for our (your) society; think at the environmental impacts of international transport. Global change cannot be stopped, but we can use the power of internet to help our real society made of shopkeepers, restaurants and so on.
The basic idea is that everything can be bought in your city, without needing to go halfway around the world and that every purchase you made in local shopkeepers, support the local economy and have zero impact.
Our mission is to bring retail trade back to the small businesses, crushed by the multinational corporations, by creating a widespread hyperlocal purchasing system.

Programming Languages

Angular 2+, Node JS and MongoDB

Project Pre-requisites

Basic programming skills

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