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Android Application - UK Detective

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Nero Co Development



Project Description

Summary -
UK Detective in an Android Application which is designed to provide information on UK street crime. The information is varied from petty crimes to serious crimes with variety of results and search filters. Not just crimes but it also provides information on the local police department in terms of Website, contact details and any high figure police members in the department.

What does the application provide -
The application provides the ability to be able to search for a particular location (via UK Postcode) to be able to locate crimes around it within certain radius (currently hard-coded). From there you are able to view every crime and review the outcome of the crime. This is an ideal application for someone who's moving/travelling to a new location which they are unfamiliar with and get to know the area.

What happened to the project?
I was working on this project heavily but suddenly lost the time to be able to continue with the development. Now I want to give this opportunity to someone else who wants to carry the development torch of this project.

What do I need from the mentee/s?
I need someone with the following things:
1. Exposure and definitely interest in Android development (if you want to learn, you need to be eager and prove it to me)
2. Thinking outside the box - come up with new ideas, suggestions which I would be more than happy to assist implementing
3. Problem solver - if you encounter a problem, I do not expect you to fix the problem but at the very least have some understanding of the problem (why, how and what is to be done to prevent it)

What can I offer?
I can offer assistance in the development of this android application. Along with the development, we can discuss the UI aspect of this app (required), additional functionality to make the application better and suitable, additional aspects to make it eye catching, fancy transitions to improve user experience.

Programming Languages


Project Pre-requisites

Android, RESTful API

Project Duration (in Months)

2 Months

Number of openings


Project Difficulty


Additional Information

Within this project, you will be exposed to the following languages/tools/framework:
- Java
- Android Studio
- Retrofit (Android Library)
- Potentially SQLlite

I am happy to consider additional tools/framework recommended by the mentee/s.

Proposal requirements

Please state the reason as to why you want to work on this project?

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