Project Name

E-Commerce Product Tracker

Mentor Details


Samarth Goyal




Software Development Engineer

Project Description

This is a service which will help its users make a purchase decision from a set of supported e-commerce platforms (like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.).

People looking to buy a certain product will make a purchase when -
1. The price of product is equal to, or less than, their maximum willingness to pay for it
2. The product's features satisfy their needs
3. The product's performance and outlook (ratings/reviews) is positive

Our service will track the price, product attributes offered (like colour, model, etc.), product's performance via ratings and reviews across a set of supported e-commerce platforms to give users all the information they need. The service will alert the user when the product price drops below their maximum willingness to pay or when their favourite colour is made available. It will help them in understanding whether to buy the product or not, when to buy it and what other products can be a better fit for their needs.

The project MVP will consist of building a simple product price tracker for 2 e-commerce website and present the relevant statistics on a dashboard.

Programming Languages


Project Pre-requisites

Git, Object Oriented Programming concepts, Desire to learn and explore :)

Project Duration (in Months)

2 months

Number of openings


Project Difficulty


Additional Information

Proposal requirements

1. Why does this project interest you?
2. What can you do to make this product a delight for customers to use?
3. What are your superpowers and how will they help you complete the project within 2 months?

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