Project Name

Headways Transit Analysis Software

Mentor Details


Daniel Heppner


Headways App


Software Developer

Project Description

My project is a web application that allows users to analyze transit data, extracting useful information and displaying it in visually pleasing ways. Data processing is a central part of the app, including the use of algorithms and statistics. The presentation of the data is equally important to producing the data, so we will make use of libraries like D3 and some attention to detail.

The intended users of this application are, at first, advocates and hobbyists of transit who can utilize the information to direct their advocacy work. Eventually, I envision the application being used by transit agencies or consultants as well, which is a potential business opportunity. I intend for the software to always be 100% free for any advocates or non-profits, though.

Programming Languages


Project Pre-requisites

Javascript, Node, Vue.js (or something similar e.g. React), Git, a interest in improving public transit

Project Duration (in Months)

3 months - or whatever you feel is right for you

Number of openings


Project Difficulty


Additional Information

The current iteration of the website (at a very early stage) is available here:

All the code is available under my GitHub. (see pinned repos)

Proposal requirements

I'm doing this project because I want to be able to better understand and analyze transit systems so that I can be a more powerful advocate, and I want to help other advocates do the same. What brings you to this project? What makes you interested in transit (if you are interested in transit)?

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