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Product Management SuperPowers

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Bosky Mukherjee


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Founder & CEO

Project Description

There are several activities and tasks that Product Managers do on a daily basis that is time consuming and labor intensive. The idea for this product is to automate these to accelerate how PMs add value

One of the biggest blockers for Aspiring Product Managers is to demonstrate tangible examples of past work that highlights their product management capabilities. Often they resort to hearing from hiring managers that their experience is only theoretical and hence they are passed on for others with real world experience.

We are looking to create a platform enables Product Managers to build on their portfolio to showcase their work. They can iterate on existing projects/submissions (usually an MVP) further or start on a brand new project from selections available. These would be real life problems. Think Github; only this time its PrototHub

Programming Languages

Open and Flexible

Project Pre-requisites

Understanding and appreciation of good UX, Examples of Workflow tools, Passion for AI

Project Duration (in Months)

3-6 mo

Number of openings


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Additional Information

Proposal requirements

1. What about this project interests you?
2. What are your thoughts on automating using AI?

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