Project Name

Science Fashion Social Media Campaign

Mentor Details


Erin Winick Anthony





Project Description

Get experience promoting science communication through the creation of an online science fashion show! With everyone at home right now, you will help coordinate and promote people sharing their nerdy and stylish side with clothes they have purchased, or things they make at home over social media. Reach out to and find brands and influencers to collaborate with, encourage people to send videos that can be compiled together into a video, and help develop educational content about the science featured on the clothes.

You will be working with Erin Winick, @erinwinick, to help create the project. You will primarily be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, LinkedIn and TikTok. Erin has run social media accounts for organizations ranging from MIT Technology Review to NASA, and will happily help teach you the ropes of science communication on social media and science writing.

When completed, you will have the chance to compile the data and results into a presentation that can serve as your final intern product.

Programming Languages


Project Pre-requisites

A knowledge of Tweetdeck, Later, or other social media scheduling tools is preferred.

Project Duration (in Months)

1.5 months

Number of openings


Project Difficulty


Additional Information

Proposal requirements

1. What is your most successful social media post you have created in terms of engagement? What is your favorite social media post?
2. Why are you passionate about science communications?
3. What type of groups would you reach out to to partner with for the online fashion show?

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