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StarCage - Emotional Intelligence Data Collection

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Yanki Saplan





Project Description
The purpose is simple, there are many students across the world suffering from several mental diseases. Nowadays, we all suffer from different types of stresses, we all take risks and sometimes consequences might be harder than we planned.

The application will be launched in IOS - Apple Store, the recommended coding languages are Swift, C# and Python. App is designed to be approachable by everyone around the world, main objective is to put users into a simple color and sound based simulation/game. Where users behaviours will be observed by their actions, after and before each game users will take short surveys.

After the survey and the simulation users will be put in graphs with several measured attributes, they will be anonymously matched with similar users to talk and share their problems. As time passes the users will start to trust each other, they will each have an option to reveal their Confidential levels to each other.

This is a motivational non-profit application to gather data from university students around the world.

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Project Pre-requisites

Basic Swift Language concept

Project Duration (in Months)

3 months

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How well can you contribute to the project?(Coding skills, creativity, etc.) Check

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