What does InternLink have in store for you: Mentors and Students

A lot of you may be curious about what InternLink is and what we are trying to do. This blog-post should give you a brief idea about us and how we operate as a platform and could be useful to you.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of students have lost their internships. In these uncertain times, the best students can do is prepare themselves for the difficulties ahead by building a stellar profile. For them to do so, we are trying to connect experienced mentors with students.

For mentors:

To help such distressed students, define and mentor a project based on your experience, line of work, and technical know-how which you think will provide learning opportunities for the students.

In our first phase we saw 2 different kinds of mentors:

1) A mentor who wants to run a project which he/she believes will be an essential skill-building exercise for a student trying to make a career in their field.

2) A mentor who was working on something personally or in his company, and wanted to have more contributors to his/her project while also mentoring them. This way internships at companies are also supported.

Mentors have to commit 3-4 hours/week* & may or may not pay a stipend to students. Mentors can also suggest a DIY(Do It Yourself) project if they don't have time or mentor a project from a pre-defined project pool. It doesn't matter which field you are from, we are trying to host projects from as many different fields as we can. In our first phase, we hosted projects from categories ranging from Machine Learning to Social Media Marketing and Product Management. Check out the link at the end of this article for the list of projects we hosted in Phase-1. You can find details on how to come up with a project, submitting a project proposal, timeline, and other related information on our website.

As an example, one of the hosted projects involved differential expression analysis on multiple datasets to investigate trends in tumour causing mutations and the resulting gene expression.

For students:

A chance to grab onto the missed opportunity of working on industry-relevant projects by working with mentors from renowned companies and vast experience. These projects will not only help you gain and a strong learning experience, but also strengthen your resume for future job applications. It's also a great networking opportunity as we have mentors working from top companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, etc who may help to refer you if your work impresses them. While most of our projects aren't directly internships, the learning curve is as good as what you would have while working in a top firm. You can find the details of the projects & application process on the website.

While we have recently completed our Phase-1 project allotments(more on that in the next post!) we will soon be announcing our operations for Phase-2, please follow our page for constant updates and information.

For any queries or suggestions, email us at or message us on our page and we will make sure we get back to you as soon as possible.

Please check out the relevant links given below:

1) Project List:

2) FAQs:

* It could vary a bit based on the project you are offering

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